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Who we are
Our greatest asset is our people

Not your traditional development company

Our greatest asset is our people. Above all, we value the calibre of our in-house team and extended team of consultants, and the years of experience they bring to the table. We understand the expertise our people possess, and we nurture it with a supportive culture that rewards excellence in process and innovative thinking.

Our Managing Director Kent Leicester, has an exceptional track record as an industry expert and entrepreneur, including being honoured in the AFR’s National Fast 100 List. Kent’s prowess in enrichment planning and financial management enables KDL to consistently deliver successful projects, rewarding the group with solid returns on capital. His ability to build one-on-one relationships with each and every stakeholder is a core factor of our success.

Supporting Kent is, KDL’s team of industry professionals, who are always ahead of the curve, anticipating market trends and applying results driven marketing. Our proactive and holistic approach is further strengthened by the synergistic relationships we have forged with our civil consultants, finance partners and construction team. The collective understanding of the KDL process enables us to deliver high-calibre results no matter the project we are undertaking.

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Sharing the KDL vision

Where experience meets quality.

Backed by a team of experienced professionals that share our vision, KDL is driven by a commitment to excellence, reflected in every step of the development process from conception through to completion. Our streamlined business model allows us to stand with you every step of the way, creating positive change while building a legacy we can be proud of.

Through creating quality communities and forging alliances with valued partners, KDL has evolved into a significant developer with over 1400 lots currently in our development pipeline. Our attention to detail and customer service is unparalleled, allowing us to create true value and deliver a superior experience for homebuyers and stakeholders alike.

The KDL Property Group approach


Through thorough research and analysis we are able to pinpoint key locations early, allowing us to identify and secure promising new sites up to 5 years in advance. Our extensive team of industry experts examine key indicators such as population demographics, economic growth, impending gentrification, and existing and future infrastructure around the site, to determine what will make a project successful.

Development Management

From inception through to completion, we pride ourselves on our ability to execute the delivery of a project as efficiently as possible. Our aim is to find solutions to problems and manage the construction process in a creative yet analytical manner. Backed by a strong sales and marketing strategy, our dedicated in-house sales division introduces prospective residents to KDL estates as part of a marketing strategy designed to maximise profitability for all stakeholders. Our dynamic network of sales channels allows us to sell out entire developments well before construction is completed, ensuring a low-risk exit.

Planning and Design

Our network of mutually beneficial relationships with civil consultants and construction partners is leveraged to derisk each and every project, from initial concepts and planning through to approved design. With the location, budget, and existing and future infrastructure in mind, the project is designed to meet high standards of liveability, longevity, and practicality. We take a range of elements into account, such as stormwater modelling, wildlife movement and environmental factors. Our goal is to create a community that will provide the best outcome for residents, not just now but well into the future.


Our aim is to deliver superior projects, completed to impeccable standards on time and on budget.  This ensures a smooth and successful transition for every project into the emerging community.  When it comes to finishing touches our internal standard is higher than most. Each completed development is delivered ready for builders to commence construction, with benched, flat blocks and exceptional landscaping, ensuring the project presents with pre-eminence. The end result is another quality KDL neighbourhood we can be proud of.

Our proactive and holistic approach is strengthened by the synergistic relationships we’ve forged with key partners.